10 July 2023

Karakılçık harvest is putting a smile on farmers faces!

Karakılçık harvest is putting a smile on farmers faces!

 Karakılçık harvest is putting a smile on farmers faces!

The harvest of Karakılçık wheat, which was reproduced and distributed to farmers, has started. The 2023 harvest of Karakılçık wheat, which is purchased for 16 liras with the purchase guarantee of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, is making farmers happy.

Anatolia's native seed Karakılçık, has spread from a handful to thousands of decares thanks to the work of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Karakılçık seeds, which were only a handful in a farmer's home, are reproduced and distributed free of charge to farmers, and planting spreads over thousands of decares every year. In 2023, the harvest of Karakılçık wheat is done on 12 thousand decares of land.

Purchase Guarantee at Twice the Price

Within the scope of the project carried out by İztarım, the wheat of the farmers who harvest the Karakılçık in the fertile plains of Izmir is purchased on site. Farmers who harvest and deliver their wheat to İztarım officials state that they are satisfied with the 16 lira purchase guarantee and that they make more profit with Karakılçık. In response to the wheat purchase prices announced by the government as 8.25 lira this year, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer gave a purchase guarantee of 16 lira for Karakılçık wheat.

25 Million Liras to the Pocket of Farmers

The 2023 Karakılçık harvest continues in 16 regions of Izmir. Planting Karakılçık, which is a durable type of wheat that requires little water, enables farmers to earn more profits while reducing their costs. According to the information given by İztarım officials who purchase Karakılçık wheat; 1,500 tons of product will be obtained in the 2023 harvest. In return, producers will be paid 25 million lira at this year's purchase price.

Fight Against Water Crisis

Silage forage crops, which are cultivated unconsciously in the Menderes basin of Izmir, affect the groundwater and make it inevitable to face a serious water crisis in the future. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which encourages development with consciousness, science and agriculture together, encourages the implementation of alternative and sustainable agricultural models.

The Metropolitan Municipality's "Karakılçık and Reed Rye Cultivation with Purchase Guarantee Project" also serves as an example of the efficient use of agricultural lands for the sustainability of groundwater. Karakılçık seeds consume less water and they are resistant to disease. In the agricultural branch of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality; İztarım aims to protect the fertility of the soil and the labor of farmers by encouraging production with sustainable and future-friendly agricultural methods. Ancient agricultural traditions and local Karakılçık seeds are protected and reproduced with this awareness.


Source: İztarım Press/Editorial




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