100th Year Bayındır Dairy Processing Factory

Adopting the slogan of the great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk "Every factory is a castle"; we established Bayındır Dairy Processing Factory to encourage production and create employment opportunities in rural areas and villages.

Our factory was established with an investment activity of 350 million TL. Our factory, which has a total area of 18.000 m2, has a closed construction area of 6.000 m2. While 130 people are employed at the facility, it has a daily milk processing capacity of 100 tons. With a transaction volume of 250 million TL, Bayındır Dairy Processing Factory can process 36 million 500 thousand liters of milk in a year.

While providing employment to the region with the factory investment, we are supporting our laborers in rural areas by making all purchases from our cooperative members and small family businesses. We will continue to support the producers with our factory by purchasing a total of 100 million liras of products, 44 million of which are goat, sheep and buffalo milk.

While a portion of the milk purchased is delivered to the citizens through the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality "Süt Kuzusu" project, the rest is packaged in the factory and released to the market under the brand of İzmirli.

In our factory; products with high added value such as “İzmir mozzarella” and “burrata” are also produced…

In all production processes of our products, which reach from the field and the pasture to the factory, and from the factory to the sales locations through our own logistics network; a sustainable production structure is implemented.


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